11 Expert-Approved Sex Positions For Couples With High Sex Drives

Sex Positions

Sex Positions, No 2 sex drives are precisely the same, however if you or your partner—or each of you—have a high sex drive, you’re in all probability continuously trying to find ways to spice things up within the sheets. Luckily, there’ no shortage of positions out there to try, therefore we tend to asked the consultants which of them are best to satisfy the horniest of couples.

What makes a footing smart for individuals with a high sex drive?

reckoning on what they’re looking for, individuals with a high drive may significantly relish positions that yield deep gesture or positions which will facilitate the sex last longer, per certified sex expert Megan Fleming, Ph.D. Ideally, you’ll want to combine it up, shift from a lot of intense positions to ones that allow you to abate and not get tired out.

the nice half regarding having multiple sorts of positions in your arsenal is it permits you to regulate supported what the instant calls for. If you wish to slow it down however keep the momentum going, you can—and then when the time comes, you’ll switch to one thing a lot of vigorous.

Here are eleven positions to urge you started (and keep you going).

1. Doggy style

dog style could be a classic position during which the receiver is sometimes on their hands and knees with their partner getting into from behind, whether or not anally or vaginally. dog style is nice for top sex drives, per Fleming, as a result of it permits for bigger depth of penetration from behind. Plus, it’ versatile, as you can each air your knees, one partner can stand over the bed, or both of you can be standing.

2. Wheelbarrow

the same as dog vogue however a touch a lot of vigorous, wheelbarrow involves the person receiving to wrap their legs around their partner. you’ll get into this position by beginning in doggy style and having your partner assist you raise your legs back and up, wrapping them around their back. You’re secure deep penetration, Fleming adds; plus, it’ a reasonably smart exertion for each of you.

3. Elevated missionary

brighten up your usual missionary with one thing sort of a pillow or wedge, to raise the pelvis of the person on the bottom. “Great sex is all regarding angles,” Fleming explains, therefore realize ways that you’ll elevate the pelvis to permit for a lot of friction and pressure.

4. Yab-yum

once the time involves slow it down, contemplate going in the lotus sex position, or yab-yum as it’ observed in Buddhism practices. One partner sits upright with their legs crossed, and their partner sits on high of them, straddling them and wrapping their legs around their back. Fleming says it’ nice for intimacy, as “there’ the attention gazing, and you’ll synchronize your breathing.” Plus, it’ a slower position that involves a lot of grinding than thrusting, which may facilitate with stamina.

5. Mutual masturbation

Less of a footing however still nice for top sex drives, mutual masturbation offers you plenty of management over your own stamina and might help build intimacy along with your partner, explains Gigi Engle, Zumio’ whole knowledgeable and authorized clinical sexologist. “I counsel being on your back for the foremost visually open viewing expertise for your partner,” she says.

you’ll each masturbate together, or if you’re the one who’ attractive and your partner doesn’t essentially ought to get off at the moment, they will take part by looking you and relishing the show or helping in straightforward ways, she adds. “For instance, they may suck on your nipples, run their hands between your inner thighs, or maybe place a G-spot wand within you whereas you utilize a clitoric toy.”

6. 69

The 69 could be a tried-and-true head position for a reason. each partners can enjoy receiving stimulation while conjointly pleasing their partner. Fleming notes that generally it may be a touch distracting to administer and receive at identical time, however if you’re trying to last longer, which will not be a nasty thing. “It’ sustainable, and there’ one thing to be same regarding the teasing factor,” she adds.

7. Sideways 69

whereas 69-ing is nice for stamina, Fleming notes it’ vital to be aware of your neck if you’re doing this for a protracted time. If you’ve ne’er done so, you would possibly need to give sideways 69 a try. each partners will lie on their sides instead of the person on high probably cramping up their neck. After all, pull a neck muscle isn’t precisely sexy. This position will therefore facilitate partners keep the action going for longer.

8. Cowgirl

to try and do the cowgirl, the partner with the member or strap-on lies on their back, whereas the receiver straddles them and rides. Not solely are girls a lot of doubtless to achieve consummation on top, Fleming notes, however this is often another position that involves less gesture and more grinding and rocking of the pelvis. “Because there’ less thrusting, it can extremely last longer,” she explains.

9. Reverse cowgirl

The reverse cowgirl is exactly what it thereforeunds like: Do the cowgirl, however have the person on high reel so they’re facing their partner’ feet. {this is|this is often|this may be} Associate in Nursingother smart one for girls who like being on top, and it can be fun for the person on all-time low to urge a unique view. It’ conjointly a footing that enables for clitoric stimulation in conjunction with penetration, creating an consummation a lot of likely. (Potentially even a merging orgasm, aka a coinciding clitoral and duct orgasm.)

10. Spooning

another choice for after you need to slow things down but keep the warmth going, attempt spooning once you’re getting down to feel tired out or you’re obtaining on the brink of finishing and need to last longer. you’ll enjoy duct or anal penetration whereas spooning, and Fleming says this position is nice for G-spot stimulation. This one helps sex last longer as a result of you can extremely take some time and revel in the intimacy of this lovable  position.

11. Standing with one leg raised

Standing sex may be fun because it can get you out of bed, wherever most of your sex is probably going happening. It’ conjointly a decent workout, Fleming notes. There are one or two of how to possess sex standing up, however the receiving partner raising one leg can yield deeper penetration and stimulation for each people, and of course, you’ll stand nearly anyplace you want. (Different locations may be further exciting!)

Other tips and tricks for satisfying a high sex drive:

1. Try new things.

Along with trying new positions, Fleming says it’s a good idea to open your mind to other new things as well, such as toys, anal play, watching porn, and/or incorporating a bit of kink, if you’re into it. Things like light restraints or blindfolds are a good place to start, she adds; “If you cut off one of your senses, you heighten the others.”

2. Get on top.

“If you’re the partner with the higher sex drive, be willing to get on top,” Engle says. If your partner isn’t as fired up as you are, they may not be as willing to get on top, and “asking someone who is tired or less ready to rumble to do all the work in bed will likely lead to less sex in the future,” she adds.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for oral.

Lastly, Engle says oral sex can be a good option if one partner isn’t as aroused as the other but they’re still willing to go down on you. Obviously, don’t beg them if they’re not in the mood, but at least sometimes, she says, they might be happy to please you with no expectation of receiving themselves. “This won’t work for everyone, as some people who aren’t in the mood for sex like straight up are not in the mood for sex,” she adds, “but it can work for others.”

At the end of the day, satisfying sex will look different for everyone, and couples with particularly high sex drives might need to do a bit of experimenting to figure out what really gets the job done for them. You’ll never know if you never try, so be open to new things, enjoy the intimacy, and just have fun with it.

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