Having sex for the first time :-2022


If you’re wondering having sex for the primary time, you may be feeling a bit nervous furthermore as excited. There’s in all probability masses you wish to grasp – which’s completely normal. We’ve place together a listing of some stuff to contemplate before, throughout and once sex.

Have confidence whether or not you’re prepared

Deciding to possess sex for the first time may be a pretty huge deal. ensure you’re ready, and that you’ve thought through the following:

• Is sex one thing you actually want to do, or does one feel you’re being pressured into it?

• What are you comfy doing, and what’s ‘off limits’?

• does one wish to be in a very committed relationship with the person you have got sex with?

If you’re undecided if you’re one hundred pc ready, it will facilitate to speak with somebody you trust, comparable to a trusty friend or family member, or a psychological state professional. If you’re in a relationship, it’s important that you just ask your partner concerning however you each feel, and to form sure that you both consent.

Sexual consent should be explicit, which suggests that both individuals say that they really need to possess sex. scan abreast of 5 belongings you got to comprehend sexual consent here.

Okay, I’m prepared. currently what?

So, you’re feeling ready for sex, and each you and your partner consent. Awesome. however here’s the thing: it’s vital to travel about it in a very accountable way. For example, if you don’t practise safe sex, you’ll get a sexually transmissible infection (STI). And if you’re thinking of getting penis-in-vagina sex, there’s an opportunity you may get pregnant as well. Luckily, there are things you can do to scale back the probabilities of changing into infected or pregnant.

• Use condoms (for penis-in-vagina or penis-in-anus sex) or dams (for perversion on a duct or anus) to guard each of you from STIs and pregnancy.

• scrutinize our data on family planning and STIs.

What to expect

Still have various questions? Here’ some a lot of info which may help.

can it hurt?

for a few people, first-time sex will feel uncomfortable and should hurt or sting a bit. For others, though, it’s comfy, fun and gratifying from the get-go. It’s a completely individual experience.

What to do: Pain throughout sex might mean there’s not enough lubrication to assist things move smoothly. If there’s not enough natural lubrication, this might be from an absence of desire, from feeling nervous, or as a result of things are moving too fast. Medications, hormones, fatigue and unwellness also can have an effect.

attempt suggesting a unique position, asking your partner to slow down, or exploitation additional lubrication. ensure it’s a water-based lubricate if you’re using condoms, and invariably use extra lube for anal sex. If it hurts a lot, stop. refer to your partner ways to form sex a lot of comfortable, or talk to your GP if you’re involved there can be one {thing} else going on.

What’ the hymen?

The hymen may be a thin membrane that surrounds the gap of the vagina. you’ll notice a bit little bit of blood the primary time you have got channel sex if the hymen tears. this is often traditional. It’s equally normal to not have any! If there’s some hurt from sex, it shouldn’t last terribly long. If it continues, visit your doc.

can there be fireworks?

First-time sex can be awesome, or it’s going to leave you feeling a small amount disappointed. It’s laborious to inform before you are doing it. like most things, smart sex takes practice. If fireworks don’t happen straight off, don’t stress. most are different: thereforeme individuals don’torgasm throughout sex, some climax really quickly, et al.

take a really very long time to succeed in orgasm, particularly the primary few times. It will take a short while to figure out what you each like, what you’re comfy with, and what feels good. You’re not expected to be a mind reader, so try and be open together with your partner and allow them to know what will and doesn’t make love for you.

we have a tendency to get that it’s not always simple to speak concerning this stuff, and it would take for a while before you’re feeling able to discuss it Remember: they’re in all probability even as nervous as you are, and you each wish to form one another feel good.


once having sex for the primary time, you’ll feel very great, excited and shut to your partner, attributable to all the hormones speeding through your body. It’s conjointly common to feel worried, confused, teary, or maybe a small amount guilty. this might be as a result of it absolutely was completely different from what you expected, or it appears like a giant deal, or you might feel unsure about however it’ll have an effect on your relationship.

Sex may be a terribly personal thing, and might feel very intimate, therefore experiencing intense feelings later is understandable. If you’re disquieted about what you’re feeling, speak it through together with your partner, a trusty friend or family member, or a psychological state professional.

What am i able to do now?

• ensure you’ve got all the facts on family planning and STIs.

• have confidence whether or not you’re really able to have sex.

• scan abreast of sexual health.


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